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Common Questions

Life Coaching helps people find the answers they need to create the reality they want. The saying “He can’t see the forest for the trees.” is never more true than in our own minds. I get coached regularly on things I’m CERTAIN are huge, unsolvable issues. I leave my session understanding what I can do to change my reality to create what I want.
Life Coaching is not therapy. Most of us have things in our past that could use some attention. There is value in addressing past trauma or issues to understand why they occurred and how they shaped us today. In my opinion, dwelling and rehashing the same history is not helpful. The past has shaped me, now I’m moving forward to create what I want in my future.
Your free strategy session is 30 minutes long. After that, future sessions are 45 minutes.
The Stop Overdrinking program is a 6 week program to uncover the issues behind overdrinking and learn how to change the thinking around alcohol.
We have to start thinking differently. Most of my clients see results after two weeks. Those who are committed see results more quickly. The amazing piece for most clients is how quickly their spouse starts to treat them with more respect.

If you have other questions, please feel free to Email me or bring them up in your free strategy session.