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1 in 5 men surveyed admit to overdrinking regularly. You are not alone and you don’t have to solve this by yourself. It is okay to ask for help. Schedule a Free Strategy Session now.

Understanding Why

Why you can’t control your drinking? Learn why you haven’t been successful yet. Decide to take control of alcohol and your actions around it.

Planning & Processing

I show you how to plan for the ups and downs. We work on what the root cause of overdrinking really is. Plan for the unexpected.

Beliefs & Discomfort

Understand the core beliefs you hold about yourself. Get ready for the challenges in your growth.

Do these sound familiar?

Brent Miller

I was an over-drinker from my very first time. I thought I was better when I drank and I was very wrong. I didn’t even feel better, I just didn’t feel. After too many years, a divorce, trauma to my children, and loss of income from missed promotions, I finally found my commitment and my help.

I couldn’t do it on will power, I coudn’t avoid it, and I couldn’t do it alone. The most surprising thing of all, it wasn’t about the alcohol. I was trying to manage a thing that was a symptom of a different problem. It still wasn’t easy but nothing good ever is. I chose to become the man I wanted to be and now I own my life.


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Stop Over Drinking, Save Your Marriag

The Cost of Over-Drinking

Overdrinking has measurable hard costs
For a man with two children, without complicating factors, the median divorce attorney cost for an uncontested divorce is $7000.
The cost of setting up a two bedroom apartment is $6000. Rent can range from $1400 to $3000 per month.
A DUI will cost a first time offender between $1500-$5000 depending on where you live. Some states include mandatory jail time and can cost $20,000.

A 10% job performance improvement in attitude, attention to detail, and energy has been shown to result in a 25% increase in commensurate pay either at a current employer or by seeking a similar position at a new company.

The life expectancy of a regular over-drinker is 2-5 years less than a light drinker. A 20 year Dutch study found that this can the shorting of life is often as high as 22 years.
How much is 1/2 your retirement?
Why do 60% of 2nd marriages result in divorce and 93% of third marriages. Because the person never fixes the root problem in themself.”

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