Unexpected benefits from not overdrinking

I was at the gym today and the workout was intense but I could do it. I have the opportunity to replace a self destructive habit for one that helps me be the man I want to be. I look better, feel better, and enjoy the rush for hours after. 

Is the post workout high the same as the alcohol rush? No

Is it as intense? Often

Does it make me smile instead of turning inward? Yes

When I quit overdrinking, it allowed my brain chemistry to reset. Alcohol, drugs, porn – all these things are highly concentrated ways to over stimulate your brain with dopamine. When we are regularly stimulating with synthetic methods, there is no way natural life can compete. I used to get a runner’s high that lasted about an hour. Now my workouts produce 3-4 hours of euphoria. Maybe that is too strong a word but as I sit and type almost 3 hours after I ended my workout, I feel tingly and floaty and peaceful so maybe it is just the right word.

If intense exercise isn’t your thing here are a few other benefits I didn’t expect:

– I wake up without a hangover, brain fog, or any sluggishness. I can focus better from the beginning to the end of every day.

– When I see a police officer behind me, I don’t do an inventory of how much I drank over how long a period.

– I sleep so much better. The 3 or 4 am wake up from overdrinking was becoming a regular occurrence.

– My mood is much more stable and controllable so no more walking on eggshells from my family.

– I have more energy all day, every day. I don’t always use it productively but I have it. It’s like being in my 20’s again.

– I don’t lie to my wife or children. That one feels better that I thought it would. I was a real shithead for a while.

– I save a LOT of money. Look at how much alcohol adds to your eating out bill, it was more than the meal for me.

– My wife looks at me with love. Her eyes have reclaimed the look of adoration they once had. This one is my favorite!

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