Pay attention — you have a choice

Pay attention because there is a secret. I’d like to say I discovered it but the truth is someone helped me see it. If you are ready, I will share it with you and even walk with you on the path to stop overdrinking forever. It isn’t an easy path and most people will never do it. These people will blame others for their failed relationships, lack of success, and poor health. These people are victims. Are you?

Good news – the journey is not complicated. It truly is six simple steps that I take my clients through one week at a time. So six weeks from now, you will understand why you overdrink and have the tools to never overdrink again. How would it feel to know you are in control of your actions and your outcomes? 

People who learn why they overdrink and take this path are conquerors and leaders We walk into any situation with heads high and chests out knowing we can overcome anything that comes at us. Does that interest you?

Overdrinking isn’t about the alcohol and we are not powerless over alcohol. If you recognize that second part, you know it is the first of the 12 steps of AA. While that program and others like it have helped countless people overcome their additions, I know that it is not the only way out of overdrinking. I also know there is nothing wrong or broken about you. You are not powerless. If you are willing, you can learn why you overdrink and how to stop. You can change your thoughts about alcohol and gain control over it. You can embrace the emotions and the thoughts you are running from. It turns out, they aren’t as bad as you thought but you must be willing to overcome.

Either way, make a choice. Either commit to overdrinking for the rest of your life or make a change and choose the path you want your life to take. I know what I chose and I am grateful every day.

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