It starts with one step

I have learned to love the journey and all the things that make me human. Ok, I don’t love all of them but i accept them instead of running from them. All our lives have good & bad; happy & sad; elation & tragedy. When I learned to control my drinking I was able to experience all of those feelings. I looked for ways to experience more of the ones I liked and I learned not to run from the ones I didn’t like. 

Run, hide, and avoid are the default settings for many men. We bury the bad feelings as deep as possible. These avoided feelings churn and grow into true monsters, attacking us and everyone around us when they burst out of their cages. Overdrinking helps keep the monsters buried but the cost is so high.

Pause and think for a moment; are words like run, hide, and avoid words that you want used to describe your nature. We are men. I take such pride in walking tall, knowing I have the skills to handle whatever comes at me without turning to a substance to numb my brain just so I can cope for a few hours.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and so does the journey to stop overdrinking. Are you ready to take it? I promise it is so worth it.

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