6 Steps to Stop Overdrinking

One of my favorite corny jokes is the classic:

A guy says to his doctor, “Hey Doc, it hurst when I do this.” (Imagine a proper Rodney Dangerfield delivery)

The doctor says to him, “Well then don’t do that.”

I know, there aren’t any laughs at that, but it makes me smile every time. Stopping overdrinking is kind of like that joke, just don’t drink too much. I tried that over and over and over. My wife knew that after I had the first drink, she was going to need to drive home. I couldn’t even abstain the 9-months with her when she was pregnant.

The good news is stopping overdrinking isn’t too much more difficult than the joke. The bad news is that stopping overdrinking isn’t about the alcohol or how much willpower you have. We’ve all heard the phrase “Just white knuckle it.” Ya, that sucks and it will not last.

When you follow my program, you will lose the desire to overdrink. You can still do it if you want but it will sound silly and pointless. You simply won’t desire to be less than your best self. It takes six steps.

1. I’ll coach you on why you haven’t been successful so far. We look at where you are now and the results you want to create. We study the obstacles and strategies to get where you want to go.

2. Defining your desired outcome is next. Why do you desire to drink? Why willpower doesn’t work. We look at your self judgement and your commitment.

3. Planning differently is important. Triggers will come up so I help you plan for upsetting events, stressful times, happy events and you get to choose your decisions ahead of time.

4. Processing feelings isn’t what most men get excited about. We can keep that to a minimum but you should know it will come up. If you can feel your urge to drink and allow it to be there without reacting, you are beginning to overcome.

5. What we believe is based on our past. Once you discover your existing beliefs, I can show you how to start believing something new. 

6. Discomfort is the price of growth. If you have the commitment and the courage, you will develop the capability and confidence to succeed. You can control your drinking to where, when, and how much you choose.

These steps are not complicated but they are uncomfortable. If discomfort is too high a price to pay, I wish you well and I cannot help you. 

“Success is never final; failure is never fatal. It’s the courage that counts.” John Wooden

Do you have the courage?

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